SALIS Committees: Information Technology

Chair: Nancy Sutherland, Alcohol & Drug Abuse Institute, University of Washington, Seattle.

Members: Meg Brunner, Federica Caselli, Courtney Drysdale, Laura Durham, Charlotta Eskilson, Christine Goodair, Samantha Helfert, MaryKumvaj, Sheila Lacroix, Andrea Mitchell, Barbara Seitz de Martinez, Nancy Sutherland, Barb Weiner, Kristin White, and Kandace Yuen

History & Purpose: The Information Technology Committee assists SALIS members in the use of information technology, supports resource sharing and communication, and promotes the design and application of new technology to further SALIS goals. The Tech and Membership and Outreach Committees collaborate on social media outreach for SALIS.

Communication: SALIS-Tech listserv (members only):

Projects & Activities: