SALIS Special Interest Groups: RADAR

This SIG dissolved in May 2018.

Chair: Stephanie Asteriadis, Nevada Prevention Resource Center, email:

History & Purpose:

The SALIS "RADAR Network" SIG was established to retain the invaluable interconnectedness, sharing of resources, and forum for communication and discussion that was previously served by the RADAR Network until CSAP discontinued formal support. The group evolved from a desire and need expressed by SALIS and RADAR Network members alike. Membership in the RADAR Network SIG consists of those members of SALIS who have an interest in maintaining contact among RADAR members.


Following the Seattle conference in 2008 a list serve was established by the SIG for its members. This list is maintained at UNR. Another list formed by the Minnesota PRC and South Dakota and consisting of many more RADAR members was established after the SALIS RADAR SIG List and is also available to SALIS SIG members.


In addition to the committee listserv, the RADAR Networking SIG established a national listserv outside of SALIS, a separate National RADAR/Resource Center Listserv responsed to a grassroots effort. T he listserv combined three separate lists: one list from Katie Zientara, of the Minnesota Prevention Resource Center, a second list compiled with State NPNs by Shawnie Rechtenbaugh, State Prevention Coordinator in South Dakota, and the third list compiled by the Nevada Prevention Resource Center (NPRC). The listserv is housed and maintained by the NPRC. The listserv has primarily is used to communicate announcements of grants and programs and will hopefully evolve according to the needs expressed by those in the field.

In addition, a National Substance Abuse Resource Center Registry has been established for the purpose of directing people to resources within their states. The list is located on the NPRC website and is maintained by NPRC staff. Again, this is a work in progress and a dynamic document that will evolve to meet needs of those in the field.