SALIS Committees: Governance

Chair: David Man, email:

History & Purpose:

The Governance Committee was created at the 2007 Strategic Planning Meeting in Reno to work on tasks related to the operation of SALIS as an organization. Areas of focus have included updating the SALIS bylaws and reviewing the SALIS Home manual. This committee is distinct from the (elected) Executive Board, which has overall decision-making authority regarding SALIS policy and activities. However, the Governance Committee may provide advice to the Board, drawing on the long-time, active affiliation in SALIS of Governance Committee members.

Communication: The committee meets approximately monthly by conference call and by email.

Projects & Activities:

As directed by the Board during the 2007 Reno meeting, the Governance Committee reviewed, restructured, re-wrote, and submitted a revised version of the bylaws for vote by the membership. The latest bylaws update was approved in July 2008 and posted to the SALIS website.

In 2008, the Governance Committee began to review the SALIS Home Manual to assist SALIS Home in updating policies and procedures outlined in the Manual. This project was eventually tabled for the time being, though it did raise awareness that some SIGs and Committees had languished or required attention and revitalization. Working with the Executive Board and SIG and Committee chairs, the Governance Committee obtained clear descriptions of the purpose and activities of each SIG and Committee, which are now posted on the SALIS website.

Future Goals:

  • Revisit SALIS mission statement and if revised, bring to vote by the membership.

  • SALIS Home Manual - continue collection and updating of various elements including:
    • Conference organizing notes and helpful paperwork
    • Finalize confirmation letter to send upon receiving donations

  • Brainstorm and review plausibility of developing products to help support SALIS and its members