Substance Abuse Library and Information Studies

Linking Worlds of Knowledge: An International Pathway
Volume II, Issue I - 2015

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Information is power: Presenting Substance Abuse Libraries and Information Studies (SALIS), Volume 2 - William Bejarano & Judit Ward

Addiction information

Risk and protective factors for adolescent mental health and substance abuse problems: Adolescent suicide in Indiana and the US – Why Hispanic girls are particularly at risk - Barbara Seitz de Martinez
Systematic searching: Overview and guidance for searching addiction-related topics - Karen Heskett & Sheila Lacroix
Systematic searching: Reporting the search - Karen Palmer
Language matters: The power of words - Judit H. Ward
Language matters: Terminology in the scholarly literature - William Bejarano
Language matters: A discussion of international differences in terminology and implications for indexing and tagging - Christine Goodair
Language matters: How and why the DSM has changed and what this means for librarians working in the addictions field - David Man

Information science

Image conscious: Visualizing scholarly reputation - William Bejarano & Judit H. Ward
Short attention span theater: Instructional design for optimal learning - Meg Brunner
Facilitating the sharing of pools and seas of knowledge through channeling information more effectively - Christine Goodair
“Open during renovation”: Open Science and libraries - Judit H. Ward, William Bejarano, & William Haggis


Marijuana: Exploring the next steps in marijuana control - Sheila Lacroix
The SALIS collection unveiled: Building an ATOD digital archive - Andrea Mitchell, Nancy Sutherland, Sheila Lacroix, & Christine Goodair


Scholarly selfies in addiction: Your online professional profile - Judit H. Ward, William Bejarano, & Anikó Dudás
Bunky’s scholarly selfie: Critical edition of E.M. Jellinek’s bibliography - Judit H. Ward, William Bejarano, & Daniel Geary
Finding Substance Abuse Resources for your Community: An interactive online training & toolkit for Washington State - Meg Brunner, Nancy Sutherland, & Jennifer Velotta
The Retention Toolkit: A resource to improve retention and engagement for substance use disorders treatment - Jennifer Velotta
Books that get to you: Bibliotherapy in addictions - Judit H. Ward, William Bejarano, Mária Palotai, & Beatrix Kovács

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Established in 2014,  Substance Abuse Library and Information Studies is the eProceedings of the Annual Conferences of the Substance Abuse Librarians and Information Specialists.

Edited by Judit H. Ward and William Bejarano, Rutgers University
ISSN 2377-956X

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