Substance Abuse Library and Information Studies

Looking Forward, Looking Back: Reflections on the Past and Planning for the Future
Volume I, Issue I - 2014

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Substance Abuse Library and Information Studies (SALIS) eProceedings: An introduction - Judit Ward & William Bejarano

Creating History

Of chickens and eggs: How a journal built a center and a field - Robert Pandina
The Rutgers experience: The Summer School of Alcohol Studies - Gail Milgram

Discovering History

Mystery and speculations: An introduction to E.M. Jellinek’s redemption - William Bejarano
E.M. Jellinek: The Hungarian connection - Judit Ward
The family of E.M. Jellinek: Documenting a history - Christine Bariahtaris
The “banana book” by E.M. Jellinek - Scott Goldstein
E. M. Jellinek: The Worcester Hospital years (1930-1939) - Karen Thomas
Mark Keller and E.M. Jellinek - Molly Stewart
The Jellinek project: Summing up, so far - Ron Roizen

Advancing History

Rich histories merge: Meet the new Hazelden - Betty Ford Foundation - Barbara Weiner
Sustaining a special library in times of transition and low-hanging fruit: The case of a drug abuse prevention special library - Barbara Seitz de Martinez

Preserving History

International Alcohol Information Database – Research: Helping to meet the needs of the evidence gap between the past and the future - Bryony Addis-Jones
Moving to digital collections for grey literature: Investigating the landscape and establishing a plan - Sheila Lacroix & Olivia Dale Long
Going to pot: Recreational marijuana in Washington and Colorado - Meg Brunner
Preserving the Home Office Addicts Files and Indices as a research resource - Christine Goodair

Displaying History

The impact of E. M. Jellinek’s personality and work in the Hungarian literature - Mária Palotai & Beatrix Kovács
Watch out for the potholes: The bumpy road of digitizing a historical collection - Tony Chu
Preparing state documents for an effective review: The librarian’s role - Mary Kelly
When opportunity knocks: Engineering a DAM system for digital collections - Deborah Fanslow
Saving the spirit: Digitizing the inventory of the Summer School of Alcohol Studies - Daniel Geary
The devil's mouthwash: America's complicated relationship with alcohol - Jessica Maratea & Christine Rambo

SALIS History

Making a difference: Past SALIS conferences from 1978 to present - Judit Ward, William Bejarano, & Daniel Geary


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Established in 2014,  Substance Abuse Library and Information Studies is the eProceedings of the Annual Conferences of the Substance Abuse Librarians and Information Specialists.

Edited by Judit H. Ward and William Bejarano, Rutgers University
ISSN 2377-956X

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