Substance Abuse Library and Information Studies

SALIS eProceedings


Established in 2014, Substance Abuse Library and Information Studies is the eProceedings of the Annual Conferences of the Substance Abuse Librarians and Information Specialists.

Volume V
Never Neutral: Resistance, Persistance, Insistence (2018)

Volume IV
Real health: The importance of professionals in today's information climate (2017)

Volume III
A broader vision: The value of multidisciplinary lenses (2016)

Volume II
Linking worlds of knowledge: An international pathway (2015)

Volume I
Looking forward, looking back: Reflections on the past and planning for the future (2014)

About the SALIS Journal: Substance Abuse Library and Information Studies (SALIS) eProceedings: An introduction

About SALIS conferences: Making a difference: Past SALIS conferences from 1978 to present

Editorial Board:
Judit Ward, Founding Editor, Rutgers University
William Bejarano, Founding Editor, Rutgers University

Chad Dubeau, Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse
Christine Goodair, St. George's London University
Andrea Mitchell, SALIS
Meg Brunner, University of Washington

ISSN 2377-956X


Preferred citation (APA): Lastname, F. M. (YEAR). Title. Substance Abuse Library and Information Studies, 1, pp-pp.