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How to Organize and Operate an Information Center
on Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs:

A Guide

Edited by: Virginia Rolett, M.L.S. and Jean Kinney, M.S.W.

Introduction to the Guide

No matter who you are -- whether you are a professional librarian, a regular library patron, or someone who hasn't seen an information center since their college days -- this Guide has a lot to offer to you. It will take you behind the scenes in libraries and information centers and describe how they run. You will discover that "knowledge is power" and then learn how best to wield that power. This Guide describes the potential of a contemporary library/information center and the resources required to set it up. It can help you put together a center that will become an important part of your life by teaching you what works and what doesn't, and helping you discover what it takes to move information from books, journals, or newletters onto your desk in a useable format on the day it is needed and relevant.

The Guide is mainly intended for the person in an agency who has been asked to develop an information center and who may be very well educated but lacking in training in organization or retrieving information. It offers some how to help and a wealth of Suggested Reading to provide additional assistance. 

However, the Guide will also be of interest to experienced librarians within the substance abuse field and beyond. The text includes helpful tips on electronic communications and databases, evaluation, and ethical issues. The Suggested Reading and the Appendices include a great deal of information on suggested reference materials, periodicals, ATOD organizations, library organizations, audiovisuals, and the Internet. 

The editors have not attempted to provide full information on any topic, but instead to provide an introduction to the range of topics that should be considered by anyone offering an information service. Beyond the introductory material, the reader will find the Suggested Reading to be an excellent guide to expertise in books and Appendix A -- Organizations an equally excellent guide to expert people. 

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