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How to Organize and Operate an Information Center
on Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs:

A Guide

Edited by: Virginia Rolett, M.L.S. and Jean Kinney, M.S.W.

A Brief History of the Guide (from the Preface)

This Guide represents one small part of an on-going North American collaboration to address and prevent problems attendant to alcohol, tobacco and other drug use. It is a collaborative effort of the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse, The U.S. Center for Substance Abuse Prevention and Substance Abuse Librarians and Information Specialists, coordinated by the Project Cork Institute.

The goal is to provide a basic introduction to the many facets of an information center and what is required to run a center efficiently and economically. This Guide is directed to several audiences, but in particular to small government-sponsored information centers in North America, as well as those sponsored by agencies, organizations and treatment and prevention centers.

This publication grew out of an earlier collaborative effort of the sponsors and the World Health Organization to facilitate the creation of information centers in developing countries. The publication that resulted was entitled, How to Start and Run an Alcohol and Other Drug Information Centre: A Guide.

The editors and contributors hope that this publication will serve as a catalyst for continued development in the field of information services. It demonstrates a recognition of the importance of the role of information in efforts to reduce and eliminate the problems associated with alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.

Note on the 2001 (web) Edition: This guide was written for publication as a printed document in 1995, and included several valuable Appendices that are referenced in the body of the main document but do not appear here. The appendices covered Reference Sources, Databases, Journals, and Organizations in the field of ATOD. Unfortunately, the Guide was never published as intended at that time.

In May 2000, SALIS was given permission to publish the Guide on the SALIS web site so that this valuable tool would at last be available to information specialists and the public. We decided not to include the Appendices at this time, since much of the information contained in them is no longer current. Some of the resources found in the appendices appear in other forms and places, including the Resources section of the SALIS web site (see http://salis.org).

Megan Wood, MLIS, from the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute at the University of Washington, did further editing and formatting of the Guide to produce this series of files which can be downloaded and read using Adobe Acrobat Reader.


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