Resources for Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Information

If you are looking for the major tools used to find information on the web and elsewhere about alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use and abuse, SALIS suggests the Resources included here. These sources are used by substance abuse professionals working in libraries at university research centers, government agencies, treatment centers, clearinghouses and resource centers, and organizations and individuals working in the addictions field. We include a few special topic resources created by members of SALIS.

ATOD  SerialsATOD Serials Database
Info about 350+ addiction journals, newsletters & monograph series -- both active titles and ceased publications. Search by peer-reviewed, free online, fFocus areas (treatment, policy, etc). Maintained by Nancy Sutherland and Meg Brunner, UW Alcohol & Drug Abuse Institute.

Member-Developed Resources  

  • Substance Abuse Library and Information Studies. Our open-access online journal was established in 2014 to showcase the vast knowledge of SALIS members and others presented and accumulated over the years at our annual international conference.
  • Drugs in Sport. (6/2016) Info brief created by Christine Goodair, listing the major anti-doping organizations and regulatory bodies for sports taking part in the 2016 Olympics and Paralympics, plus sites focused on health and ethical issues, educational resources, journals, and texts. (pdf).
  • Legal Highs (2/2016) Resource guide by Christine Goodair describes novel or new psychoactive substances (legal highs). Sections for information/help and advice, science, government/monitoring, teacher/parent resources, videos/films, and media clips. Resources from UK, Europe, Australia, North America.
  • How To Organize & Operate an ATOD Information Center: A Guide. (1995) Manual created by SALIS, CCSA and CSAP, provides a basic introduction to the many facets of an information center and what is required to run a center efficiently and economically. (html)
  • Screening & Assessment Instruments DatabaseCollection of measures used in the screening & assessment of substance use disorders; maintained by the Alcohol & Drug Abuse Institute Library at the University of Washington. (database).
ATOD DatabasesATOD Databases Comprehensive list of 80 bibliographic, statistical, and related databases covering all aspects of substance abuse; most are searchable online.  Maintained by Barbara Weiner, Hazelden Foundation Library.
BooksNew ATOD Books Compiled by Andrea Mitchell from extensive web searching, publisher catalogs, book reviews, advertising, and "insider" information contributed by authors and librarians.   The New Books List is also published in the journal Addiction and in SALIS News.
ATOD Conferences ATOD Conferences Calendar
(compiled by NIDA CTN Dissemination Library)
Information Today Calendar
(Library & information meetings)
ATOD Web LinksSelected Web Links
SALIS has identified key ATOD web sites, including several sites which have extensive links to more web sites.   Web Links are presented in both categorical and alphabetic lists.