Membership FAQ

Here are the answers to questions people often ask about SALIS membership. If you have any additional questions, please contact SALIS. Thank you for your interest in SALIS!

Q. Does SALIS offer organizational memberships?
     A. No, SALIS is an association of library and information professionals and offers individual memberships only. SALIS does not offer organizational memberships. The main membership page describes the different types of membership for individuals.

Q. Can multiple members from the same organization get a discount?
     A. No, SALIS cannot not offer discounts for multiple members from the same organization.

Q. Does SALIS accept credit cards for payment of membership dues?
     A. Yes, if you pay online using PayPal. PayPal is easy and secure. Exception: American Express Corporate Cards are not accepted by Paypal.

Q. If a member leaves his/her job, can the membership be transferred to another staff person within the organization?
     A. Membership in SALIS is not transferable. Other staff people are welcome to join at any time.

Q. Can SALIS membership dues be prorated depending on when during the year you join?
     A. Yes, new members who join after the first quarter of a year should contact SALIS Home about pro-rated membership fees: 1-510 865-6225,

Q. Does SALIS membership run from January to December regardless of when during the year you join or does it run one year from the day the member joins?
     A. Memberships run for the calendar year, January through December.