SALIS Coference 2012

The 34th Annual SALIS Conference met at the University of Nevada, Reno, hosted by by Stephanie Asteriadis and Marie Tully of the Nevada Prevention Resource Center. The theme this year was "Stepping Out of Our Silos: Creating Partnerships, Building Capacity, Delivering Information." Attendees stayed at the Silver Legacy Resort Casino, a landmark in downtown Reno. Congratulations to our hosts for putting on a great conference!

A few of the 2012 speakers are listed below. You can view the full program here.
2012 SALIS Program
  • Barbara Weiner, Hazelden Library, Through the Looking Glass: The Past, Present, and Future Possibilities of ATOD Information Resource Management
  • Dan Lawrence, Health & Learning Resource Center, RMC Health, A New You -- Rebranding Your Services Across Silos
  • Kristen Clements-Nolle, Center for the Application of Prevention Technologies, Shared Risk and Protective Factors: A Framework for Aligning Substance Abuse Prevention and Mental Health Promotion
  • Judit Ward, Rutgers Center of Alcohol Studies, This is How We Do It: The Research Library of the 21st Century
  • Christine Goodair, International Centre for Drug Policy, St George's University of London, Stepping out of Information - Using Your Skills in a "Non-Information Setting"
  • Denise Quirk, Reno Problem Gambling Center, The Invisibility of Problem Gambling: How the RPGC Fights Back

The conference included a behind-the-scenes presentation about the MARS robotic retrieval system and a tour of the Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center on the UNR campus -- a stunning combination of a traditional library space with digital and multimedia technologies. For extracurricular fun, we had an outing to watch the Reno Aces baseball team play the Zephyrs from New Orleans. (The Aces lost, but hey -- wait'll next year).

As ever, SALIS greatly appreciates the support of its generous 2012 Sponsors and Exhibitors!