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Meilleures pratiques pour la prochaine décennie

31st SALIS Conference
May 5 - 8, 2009, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

The 31st Annual SALIS Conference, held in the historic maritime city of Halifax, featured presentations exploring the use of social networking technologies in an information/knowledge environment; current and historical discussions of substance abuse in Canada; and a focus on the role of best practices from a variety of perspectives.  The meeting was hosted by Ruth Hart from the Nova Scotia Department of Health and the Department of Health Promotion and Protection, with assistance from Sheila Lacroix of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.  Sessions were held at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, near the conference hotel, the Marriott Residence Inn,  Conference extras included a tour of the Legislative Library in historic Province House, and a personal tour and dinner at Pier 21, the site of hundreds of thousands of immigrations to Canada between 1928 and 1971.

A few of the 2009 presenters:

  • Greg Marquis, Dept. of History and Politics, University of New Brunswick Saint John, "Building a Better Drinker: Citizens, Alcohol, and the State in Nova Scotia"
  • Carolyn Davison, Addiction Services, Nova Scotia Health Promotion and Protection, "A Systems Approach to Substance Use in Canada: Recommendations for a National Treatment Strategy"
  • Bob Denniston, US ONDCP National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign, "Key Challenges in Universal Prevention Approaches: Best Practices in Developing Culturally Appropriate Messages for American Indians and American Adolescents"
  • Mark Asbridge, Dept. of Epidemiology & Community Health, Dalhousie University, "The Influence of Research on Policy and Practice: Great Idea, Poor Delivery"
  • Anne Welsh, Dept. of Information Studies, University College, London, "A Shipping Forecast for ATOD 2.0"  Extra! Anne blogs about the conference.
  • Christine Goodair, International Centre for Drug Policy, St. George's University of London, & Bette Reimer, Centre for Addictions Research of British Columbia, "Information Science, Evidence Based Approach and Knowledge Exchange: A Clash of Cultures or a Marriage of Skills?"
  • Geoffrey Hunt, Institute for Scientific Analysis, "Tuned Out or Tuned In" ~ Clubbing, Drugs and the Dance Scene: A Global Perspective"
  • and a cavalcade of talented SALIS members in a special session on "Web 2.0: SALIS, Let's Get Social," which showcased the use of social networking technology in their libraries and centers.

Thank you! ... to our 2009 sponsors and exhibitors for supporting the conference.

Powerpoint slides from many of the presentations can be viewed by SALIS members in the Members section of this website. Stories, reports, and photos from the conference in SALIS News 29(2), Summer 2009, also in Members section.

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Program cover photo (c) by Scott Crouse.