The 30th Annual SALIS Conference in Seattle was a milestone event.  The theme of "Stepping into the Future" brought together presentations addressing emerging technologies and how they are changing the way we work, ways to better connect with our communities, and the future of our organization and field, and included a tour of the innovative Seattle Public Library, and the SALIS 30th Anniversary celebration, complete with cake and anecdotes about what conference attendees were doing 30 years ago!.  The meeting was held at the Warwick Hotel in downtown Seattle, and hosted by Nancy Sutherland, Pam Miles, and Meg Brunner at the University of Washington Alcohol & Drug Abuse Institute.  

Highlights of the program included:

  • Michael "Libraryman" Porter librarian, blogger, trainer, technology fan, "Real Help, Real Connections: Valuable New Technology to Use Now"
  • Judit Ward, Rutgers University Center of Alcohol Studies, "Beyond Survival: The Research Library in the 21st Century"
  • Tania Danielski, Haines (Alaska) Public Library, "The Voices Project: A Community Partnership"
  • Shirley Dellenback, Tobacco Control Program, "Seek, Retrieve, Achieve: California's Tobacco Control Library"
  • Ron Jackson, Evergreen Treatment Services, "Incorporating Evidence-Based Practices in Community Clinics: Why Addiction Specialty Libraries Matter"
  • Bob Denniston, ONDCP National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign, "Reducing Teen Prescription Drug Abuse Through A Social Marketing Campaign"

View the final Program.

Thank you! our 2008 sponsors and exhibitors for supporting the conference.

Powerpoint slides from many of the presentations can be viewed by SALIS members in the Members section of this website. Click here for information about other past SALIS conferences.

Program cover photo (c) by Will Austin. Used with permission.