Multi-Cultural SIG
The Multi-Cultural SIG strives to foster an environment that is receptive to multi-cultural issues, highlighting concerns in the areas of gender, ethnicity, sexuality, and physical disability as they relate to substance abuse prevention and treatment. The SIG also works to ensure the availability of multi-cultural prevention materials. Chair: Julie Murphy, jmurphy@prev.org
  Canadian SIG
The Canadian SIG works to increase networking opportunities within Canada by utilizing and expanding upon the existing Canadian Substance Abuse Information Network (CSAIN), and represents Canada within SALIS. (This SIG dissolved in May 2018.)

The RADAR Network SIG was established to retain the invaluable interconnectedness, sharing of resources, and forum for communication and discussion that was previously served by the RADAR Network until CSAP discontinued formal support. The group evolved from a desire and need expressed by SALIS and RADAR Network members alike. Membership consists of those members of SALIS who have an interest in maintaining contact among RADAR members. (This SIG dissolved in May 2018.)

  Southeast Asian SIG
The Southeast Asian SIG builds relationships among South East Asian libraries and information centers to encourage and strengthen collections and networks pertaining to ATOD. (This SIG is currently inactive.)

The Advocacy Committee promotes matters of common interest and other information issues of alcohol and other drug libraries and information centers, and makes these issues known in the larger alcohol and drug field. Chair: Andrea Mitchell, amitchell@salis.org
The Development Committee works to ensure the financial sustainability of SALIS by broadening and maintaining its base of revenue. Chair: Meg Brunner, meganw@uw.edu
  Governance (ad hoc)
The Governance Committee worked on revising the Bylaws and other issues as directed by the Executive Board. Governance was disbanded as a standing committee in 2010 but may be reconstituted as an ad hoc committee for specific projects.
  International Networking
The International Networking Committee increases awareness of SALIS worldwide and promotes global networks for ATOD information exchange. In 2010, the Australia/New Zealand SIG was disolved, and its interests were folded into International Networking; in 2018, the Canadian SIG followed suit. Chair: Sheila Lacroix, sheila.lacroix@camh.ca
  Technology & Outreach
The Technology & Outreach Committee uses digital tools such as the SALIS website, email list, and social media resources, to support the organization and its activities, and to do membership-related tasks such as recruitment, participation, and retention, in an effort to help keep SALIS strong. Through "outreach" we can contact and communicate with other organizations that share goals similar to those of SALIS, to make them aware of our goals and achievements. Chair: Nancy Sutherland, nsutherland@adai.uw.edu
* Members: If you have an interest in joining any of these committees, contact the committee chair or salis@salis.org