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SALIS (Substance Abuse Librarians & Information Specialists) is an international association of individuals and organizations with special interests in the exchange and dissemination of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug (ATOD) information.

SALIS in the World's Literature
A 2019 Bibliography

SALIS, as an alcohol and drug information organization and advocate, is firmly established within global literature resources. A recent extensive review found almost 60 articles and documents in which SALIS was discussed and highlighted.

Sources included journals, newspapers, newsletters, books, directories, and electronic resources, all located within the literature of Australia, Canada, Europe, India, New Zealand, and the united States.

Let's celebrate our worldwide impact! Find the complete list of literature here and email us at salis@salis.org if you have any citations to add!

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With the current opioid crisis, as well as issues related to cannabis medicalization and legalization, supporting the information needs of researchers, clinicians, students, and the general public on these subjects and others has never been more important.

The SALIS Collection's goal is to provide a digital copy of every book on alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs stored in a single location for everyone around the world to access. The collection currently features over 2500 titles vital to the field of addiction and substance use disorders, but we still have a long way to go! (Read more about this project here!)

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SALIS Journal Volume 5 (2018) Now Available!

Substance Abuse Library and Information Studies (SALIS Journal), our open-access journal, launched in 2014 and showcases the vast knowledge of SALIS members and others presented and accumulated over the years at our annual international conference.

Our newest volume, Never Neutral: Resistance, Persistance, Insistence, is now available!

Find articles about:

  • drug policy reform in a time of Trump,
  • fake/false news and how to spot it,
  • the history of documentation on addiction in France,
  • using a current awareness system to report on addiction trends,
  • critical librarianship, and more!

Find previous issues of SALIS Journal here!

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Updated July 2019